Domestic Violence: Transform a Room. Transform a Life.

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Safe Horizon Domestic Violence Shelter

The clothes on their backs. A few personal items. A lot of fear. That's all many victims of domestic violence bring with them when they reach a Safe Horizon shelter. Because of domestic violence, they've lost their safety, their security, and their homes.

With over 700 beds for victims of domestic violence, Safe Horizon can provide a safe place for families affected by violence at home to escape, a safe place where they can heal and recover. A family staying in our refuge can transform this room. Our efforts and the encouragement of our supporters can help them transform their lives.

Click a flower in the room to see what can happen....

Compare Before & After


Safe Horizon Shelter Before and After

Before: This is what one of our shelter rooms looks like before a family arrives. It's empty, waiting to become the space a family urgently needs to escape domestic violence. Through the commitment of people who care like you, this room becomes transformed ...

After: This isn't just a room at a shelter: It's a refuge where a family can find safety, services, and the second chance they deserve to have a brighter future after violence. Here, they have the chance to recover and to rebuild their lives.

Learn how your support can change lives:


Transforming Lives

Safe Horizon's shelters, along with our court and community programs and hotlines, gives thousands of individuals and families affected by domestic violence support and the chance to regain their lives and their dignity. Find out more about what we do to help.

Join us and support individuals and families affected by domestic violence!

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Where Does My Donation Go?

We spend 84 cents per dollar on programs that help those affected by violence and abuse.

Your gift supports our 24-hour hotlines, domestic violence shelters, community services, Child Advocacy Centers, trauma counseling, and group services for victims of crime and abuse, homeless youth, and families of homicide victims.

What do we do?

Safe Horizon is the largest provider of programs and services to victims of domestic violence and abuse in the nation, offering life-changing, and life-saving, support during times of crisis. Learn more at

About my Donation

Donations to Safe Horizon's Domestic Violence programs and services are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Any gifts received above our current need will be used for Safe Horizon programs throughout the year.

Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.

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