Hotline Phone Numbers

Domestic Violence Hotline:
800.621.HOPE (4673)

Crime Victims Hotline:
866.689.HELP (4357)

Rape & Sexual Assault Hotline:

TDD phone number for all hotlines:

Our Supporters

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The extraordinary generosity of the following corporations, foundations, and individual contributors allow Safe Horizon to move victims of violence and abuse from crisis to confidence. We are grateful for your partnership. 
Gifts listed represent those received between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011. 

Visit our Granted! page for foundation supporters highlighted in our SafeNEWS.

$1,000,000 +

The Oak Philanthropy Limited


Capital One Bank
Jane Orans
Robin Hood Foundation

$100,000 +

The Agnes Varis Trust
The Calamus Foundation, Inc.
Charina Endowment Fund
FJC – A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds
Foundation for a Just Society
The Gerstner Family Foundation
The Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
The New York State Interest on Lawyer Account Fund
Diane and Steve Parrish
PVH Corp.
H. van Ameringen Foundation

$50,000 +  
Sriranga Dattatreya
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Pamela and Stephen Hootkin
New York Life Insurance Company
$25,000 +  
Barclays Capital
The Frances L. & Edwin L. Cummings Memorial Fund
Hedge Funds Care
Mary J. Hutchins Foundation, Inc.
Jaharis Family Foundation
Monica Keany and Dan Zwirn
Pam and Howard Keenan
Limited Brands
John A. Reisenbach Foundation
Renaissance Realty
Maggie Rubey Lynch
Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc.
The Peter J. Solomon Company

$10,000 +

Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Joyce Berman
BJ's Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Cablevision NYC
Manny and Joanne Chirico
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Cooley LLP
The Dammann Fund, Inc.
Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP
Epstein Teicher Philanthropies
Ernst & Young LLP
Jeffrey J. Feil
Shannon Ferguson
Fordham University School of Law
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.
Jennifer and Paul Germain
Jane and Ishaia Gol and family
The Hyde and Watson Foundation
IBM Corporation
James and Marie Johnston
Suri Kasirer and Bruce Teitelbaum
Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
Kelley Drye & Warren LLP
Stephanie Kugelman Vick and Edward Vick
Linda Lam
Joann and Todd Lang
Eric D. Larson
The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation
Liz Claiborne Inc.
Dorothy W. Marx
Stephen and Carolyn McCandless
Marty Newman
Yoko Ono
Open Society Institute
Sarah Peter
Nicole K. Powell
Gabrielle Propp
RBC Capital Markets, LLC
The Edward and Ellen Roche Relief Foundation
Neil and Allison Rubler
MikeLynn Salthouse and David J. Sheehan
Michael Slocum
Donald and Paula Smith
Michelle D. Smith
Tahari Family Foundation
Time Warner, Inc.
TJX Foundation, Inc.
Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation
USI Holdings Corporation
Edward E. Vassallo, Esq.
Verizon Wireless
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Charles R. Wall
Warnaco Inc.
White & Case LLP
Harold and Judith Winters

$5,000 +

Axel Johnson Inc.
Indrajit and Rachel Bardhan
Celia Goldwag Barenholtz and Paul K. Barenholtz
Barbara L. Baumstein
The Bloomingdale's Fund of the Macy's Foundation
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Citigroup, Inc.
Elizabeth Cooke
Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation
Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.
The Charles Evans Foundation
James F. Hefelfinger
JetBlue Airways
Lewis Katz
Phyllisa Koshland
The Luminescence Foundation, Inc.
Mary Kay Inc.
Lee Michel
Miki Naftali
Helen Nash
The New York Bar Foundation
Paul R. Olivo
Alexandra and John A. Porges
The Grace Jones Richardson Trust
May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.
Joshua S. Silver
Paula Smith
United Way of New York City

$2,500 +

Gretchen S. Adkins
Tara Allmen, M.D.
Alpha Serve Technologies
Ned and Susan Babbit
Rebecca Bakunin
Richard and Kerry Bessey
Lauren R. Breitman Tanen and Ben D. Tanen
Derek and Elizabeth Cribbs
Linda Fairstein
Firefighters for Kids Fund
Katie Ford
Hope L. and John L. Furth
Barbara G. Gottlieb
Greenberg Traurig LLP
Spencer Hart
Tami Hoag
Gerry Hodes
Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP
Lincoln Computer Services
Oriana and Joe Palumbo
José Raúl Pérez
Plaza College
Cynthia Polsky
The Prescott Fund
Pzena Investment Management LLC
Matthew Pucciarelli and J.P. Cheuvront
Cara A. Raether
Gabriel V. Rauterberg
Chihiro Saka
Carol and Ted Sattler
Sisters on the Runway
Tiger Management LLC
James and Merryl Tisch
UBM Channel
VMware, Inc.
The Emanuel and Anna Weinstein Foundation
Jacob Worenklein
Ariel Zwang and Gordon Mehler

$1,000 +

Stephen S. Aiello and Lorraine Grillo
John Antimisiaris
Richard Aronson
E. Nelson Asiel
The Atlantic Philanthropies, Inc.
Gary Bagley
Meredith Ball
Carol M. Barker
Zachariah Barratt
Geoffrey Barrett
Randy and Dorothy Barretto
David Bassin
Antonia Batalias and Chris Papavasiliou
Jennifer Becerra
Ivan and Francesca Berkowitz
Berlin Rosen Public Affairs
Linda and William Berliner
Charles and Rachel Bernheim
Don Besch
Cathie Black and Tom Harvey
Bolton-St. Johns, Inc.
Thomas and Marcia Borger
James and Donna Butler
Daniel Cevallos
Shikha Chaturvedi
Sheree Chiou and Jason Kirschner
Jean-Francois and Veronique Christory
Teddy Cillis
Anne Cohen
Betsy and Alan Cohn
Joseph and Marie Colandrea
David Cole
James W. Covington
Cheri DaLuz
Jennifer and Matthew Daly
Cynthia Dames
Euritta G. Danglar
Sid Davidoff
The DeLisi Family Foundation
Dick's Sporting Goods
Disney Worldwide Service, Inc.
Laurel Durst
Eileen Fisher, Inc.
Empire Education Group, Inc.
Equal Justice America
Jamie and Nachman Feig
Alfred and Harriet Feinman
Ray and Fran Ferrier
Peter J. Firestein and Sheree Stomberg
Jennie Fortunoff
David W. Frankel
Yves and Monique Gaden
Josie Garber Harris and Brian Harris
Rita Garza
Sally T. Germain and Alan Beinhorn
Phyllis and Stanley Getzler
Godfrey R. Gill
Mathew and Edythe Gladstein
Seth and Sarah Glickenhaus
Ricky Paull Goldin
Shari Leigh Gordon
Alan and Kathy Greenberg
Adam Groothuis
Alan E. Gross and Sarah Davies
Glenda Guerri
Eugene Gurkoff
Robert and Ellen Gutenstein
S. Intesar Haider
Hillary Hansen
John and Gwenda Hanson
Sami J. Harawi
Walter and Gail Harris
Walter and Peggy Hess
Dr. Jennifer Hommeyer
The Inner Circle
Lynne C. Isensee
Joseph P. Day Realty
JPMorgan Chase & Company
Erica and Michael Karsch
Miriam Katowitz and Arthur J. Radin
L. William and Brit Kay
Erica M. Keirstead
Victor and Elena Kiam
Frederick and Sharon Klingenstein
Lee and Daney Klingenstein
Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP
The Leon Levy Foundation
David Levin
Ronald J. Levine
Cheryl Lian
Helen Lowenstein
Jack Lusk
Tami and Frederic Mack
Gigi Mahon
Arthur and Sue Maier
Laura-Jean and Kenneth M. Mallon
Elinor G. Mannucci
Stephanie March
Anne Marino
Arriana Marion
Marks Paneth & Shron LLP
Sally and C. Michael Martell
Stephanie and Carter McClelland
Laura J. McGrath
Abigail A. McKoy
Bruce and Julie Menin
Francis and Denise Menton
Metzger-Price Fund, Inc.
Ed and Sandra Meyer
Gabe Miller
Shannon Miller
Jennifer and David Millstone
Ronald Moore
Amira Mor
Barbara S. Mosbacher
Hank and Nancy Moyer
Sara Nagelvoort
Liz Neumark
Amy Nix/nix&stones
NYCAHC Charitable Fund, Inc.
Sam and Nathalie Orans
Scott Orenstein
Ostgrodd Foundation
Thomas W. Ostrander and Kelli Turner
Michael J. Palladino
Paragon Maintenance Company
Andria Petito
Gene and Jewell Pickens
Polimarket, LLC
Lynne Procope
Amory B. Propp
Dennis Quirk
Quote Unquote Records
Debra L. Raskin
Susan L. Reisman and the Stella Grover Living Trust
Roderic Richardson
Ethan Riegelhaupt
Catherine L. Rinaldi
Lauren M. Rocheleau
Dr. Lauri Romanzi
Janet and Marvin Rosen
Carol Rothenberg
The Marilyn and Barry Rubenstein Family Foundation
Amy Katz and Irving Scher
The Jennifer L. Schiff Charitable Fund
Scotia Capital
Shelter Alliance
Elizabeth and David Sherman
Jon Silvan and Marnie Berke
Kent Simons
David Slarskey
Howard and Barbara Sloan
Louis Slovinsky
Samuel and Betty Smith
Susan and Peter Solomon
Gerrie Nan Soman
Ellen L. Sporn
Howard and Linda Sterling
Mark E. Stroock
Thomas D. Thacher II
Toyota 100 Cars For Good
United Way of New York City
Deborah D. Uslaner
Peggy M. Vance
Meredith Vanden Handel
Lillian M. Vernon and Paolo Martinez
Barbara Weinschel
Angela Weir
Jennifer M. Wells
Amy Wilson Flannery
Michael Wingertzahn
Mary Wolf and William Fowler
Brian Wolfe

Hope on the Horizon Society

$70,000 per year for 5 years:
Diane and Steve Parrish

$10,000 per year for 5 years:
Michael C. Slocum
Charles R. Wall

$3,000 per year for 5 years:
Manny and Joanne Chirico
Oriana and Joe Palumbo

$2,500 per year for 5 years:
Derek and Elizabeth Cribbs

$2,000 per year for 5 years:
Stephen and Carolyn McCandless
Ariel Zwang and Gordon Mehler

$1,500 per year for 5 years:
Alan and Georgann Wilensky

$1,000 per year for 5 years:
Gary Bagley
Celia Goldwag Barenholtz
Carol M. Barker
Geoffrey Barrett
Antonia Batalias and Chris Papavasiliou
James and Donna Butler
Shikha Chaturvedi
Sheree Chiou and Jason Kirschner
Judy Collins
Jennifer and Matthew Daly
Karen Daragan
Jason Friedman and Lindsay Deak Friedman
Peter J. Firestein and Sheree Stomberg
Michael Forrest
Sally T. Germain and Alan Beinhorn
Godfrey R. Gill
Jennifer P. Goodale and Mark Russell
Adam Groothuis
Alan E. Gross and Sarah Davies
Eugene Gurkoff
Hillary Hansen
Dr. Jennifer Hommeyer
Pamela and Stephen Hootkin
Lewis Katz
Erica M. Keirstead
Christine Kim
John and Nancy Levene
Ronald J. Levine
Cheryl Lian
Patricia Litow
Laura-Jean and Kenneth M. Mallon
Christine Marchuska
Anne Marino
Arriana Marion
Selene Martinez
John and Maura R. McCormack
Gabe Miller
Ronald Moore
Sara Nagelvoort
José Raúl Pérez
Matthew G. Pucciarelli
Debra L. Raskin
Catherine L. Rinaldi
Carol and Ted Sattler
Lauren R. Breitman Tanen and Ben D. Tanen
Peggy M. Vance
Amy Wilson Flannery
Michael Wingertzahn
Brian Wolfe


Safe Horizon's mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.

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